TgDev Services Public Offer (Russia)

  • **1. Key points: **
    • 1.1. The following terms are used in this document:
      • a. TgDev service - a set of computers and programs running on them, carrying out the functioning of the website, as well as telegram bots mentioned in Appendix 1 and in additional agreements to TgDev Terms of Service
      • b. Contractor - Individual Entrepreneur Petukhov Grigory Viktorovich, OGRNIP: 321554300049809. Full details are indicated in Appendix 1.
      • c. User - an individual using the functionality of the website and telegram bots of the TgDev service.
      • d. User Account - the User's identifier in the TgDev service, as well as a set of data associated with this identifier.
      • e. User's personal account - a section of the website with information related to the User's account, available to the User after the User is authorized on the website
    • 1.2. This document is a public offer to the User to conclude an agreement with the Contractor for the provision of information services provided by the Contractor through the TgDev service.
    • 1.3. Specific types of the Contractor's services, their essence, cost, payment terms, payment refund terms are described by additional agreements, each of which is available for review on the website, a list of additional agreements is given in Appendix 3
    • 1.4. The acceptance of this offer is the registration by the User of an account on the site
    • 1.5 The user can refuse the service received and demand a refund of the money paid for the service received, within seven days after receiving the service, unless otherwise specified in the additional agreement to this service.
    • 1.6 In the absence of motivated claims from the User within seven days after the provision of the service by the Contractor (unless other conditions are stipulated in the additional agreement of this service), it is considered that the User fully accepts the result of the service provided.
    • 1.7 The Contractor undertakes to make a refund of the money paid for the service within 10 days from the date of receipt of the User's refusal from the service.
    • 1.8 To refuse the service received, the User needs to send an email application to the Contractor and indicate the account number on which the payment for the service was made. Account information is also available in the User's personal account.
    • 1.9 The User agrees that due to errors in the program code, unavailability of Internet services and other reasons, the TgDev service may not work as the User expects.
    • 1.10 Any claims of the User to the quality of the service provided by the Contractor cannot exceed the amount paid by the User for this service in monetary terms.
    • 1.11 Claims for the quality of services and refund requests are reviewed and accepted only if they are sent to the email address
    • 1.12 The Contractor answers users' questions regarding the TgDev service in the @tgdev_ru telegram groups in Russian, @tgdev_en in English, as well as in other ways indicated on the website or specified in additional agreements with the User.
    • 1.13 The Contractor has the right to change this offer and any additional agreement. Changes come into effect from the moment they are published on the website.
    • 1.14 Payment for the services of the TgDev service is carried out by the User by means of non-cash payment by bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, Mir by entering the card data into a special form on the website
    • 1.15 The Contractor is not liable to the User for lost profits, production costs, business interruptions or any other losses, regardless of who or what caused such losses.
    • 1.16 E-mail correspondence between the User and the Contractor has the force of a simple electronic signature and is equivalent to paper documents with personal signatures of the parties.
    • 1.17 In order to receive payment from Users, the TgDev service interacts with payment services, transmitting and receiving information about the User. Data transmission is carried out over a channel protected by the TLS protocol.
    • 1.18 The user agrees with the mandatory pre-trial procedure for the settlement of disputes and claims. The procedure for filing claims is described in this document.
    • 1.19 The Contractor is not responsible for the consequences of violations by the User of security requirements during identification, authentication and authorization procedures when using the Personal Account, including when the User compromises the authentication data necessary to access the Personal Account, and other security violations made by the User when using services of the TgDev service. All operations performed by the User after successful authorization in the Personal Account, as well as any interaction of the user with the telegram bots of the TgDev service, using the telegram account linked to the user's account, are considered to be carried out by the User.
    • 1.20 When requesting a refund if a purchase is canceled, the refund is made exclusively to the same bank card from which the payment was made.
    • 1.21 When paying for an order with a bank card, payment processing (including entering the card number) takes place on a secure page of the processing system that has passed international certification. This means that the user's confidential data (full card number, CVC code, 3-D Secure transaction confirmation code) do not enter the TgDev service, they are processed on the side of the processing system.
    • 1.22 By accepting this offer, the User allows the Contractor to process the User's personal data in accordance with the policy for processing personal data of the TgDev service.

Appendix 1

List of telegram bots that are part of the TgDev service: @daysandbox_bot, @joincleaner_bot, @watchdog_robot, @noarab_bot, @lang_blocker_bot, @grep_robot, @nosticker_bot, @orgrobot, @freqrohrobroot, @wikinoot, @freqrobroot, @wikinoot, @freqrobroot, @wikinoot nochinabot, @joinhider_bot, @reqmxbot, @tgscanrobot, @chatsearchrobot

Appendix 2

Full details of the Contractor announced in clause 1.1.b:

  • Individual Entrepreneur Petukhov Grigory Viktorovich
  • OGRNIP: 321554300049809
  • Phone: +79522713810
  • Email:
  • Address: Russia, Omsk, st. Lukashevich 14/2 sq. 60

Appendix 3

Links to additional offers related to specific TgDev services