TgScanRobot Service Public Offer

1. General

This document is a public offer and agreement. Using the TgScanRobot by any way, including the paying for paid subscription, the user accepts this agreement. The TgScanrobot service is providing data via telegram bots to user search requests. Each search request to the bot consumes credits from balance of user. For each search request, if user did not any claims regarding result of request then it means that user fully accepts quality of the result of user's request.

2. Legal Information

The bot crawls lists of members of telegram groups and save these data into database. Using these data the bot can tell which groups the specific person is member of. By crawling and storing these data the Bot does not violate Telegram Terms of Service. Data provided by the bot are not personal data. Any information provided by the bot is not confidential and is available in the public access. This way the bot implements the freedom of any person to to seek and receive information using any method which does not violate the law. The bot is owned and operated by the Russian citizen i.e. the bot owner's rights and duties are regulated by law of Russia.

Taking into consideration that bot does not have complete list of groups and that list of members of any group is constantly changing, the bot might provide incomplete or incorrect (according to user's opinion) result or provide empty result.

For server maintenance or by any other reason the bot might be not available for any amount of time.

3. The Service Price

To use TgScanRobot service you have to buy credits first. Each request to TgScanRobot service consumes a number of credits which depends on amount of data found.

4. Responsibility of User

Users accepts full responsibility for consequences of using and sharing the information which he/she received from TgScanRobot or from any source, which states the information source as TgScanRobot. User agrees to use the information he/she received from TgScanRobot only in the way which does not violate the law of jurisdiction of TgScanRobot service and the law of jurisdiction of the User.