TgDev Privacy Policy

  1. The following definitions are used in this document:
    • 1.1. Service - a set of public services:
      • a. Website -b. Telegram bots. The full list of bots is specified in the public offer of the Service.
      • c. Support. The official contacts of the support service are indicated in the public offer of the Service.
    • 1.2. User - an individual interacting with the Service.
  2. This document describes the rules for processing Users' personal data by the Service.
  3. The user provides his personal data in the process of creating a user account in the Service, in the process of paying for the services of the Service, as well as in the process of contacting the support service of the Service.
  4. The Service uses the User's personal data only for purposes directly related to the performance of the Service's services requested by the User.
  5. A strictly limited circle of officials of the Service has access to the User's personal data.
  6. The Service does not send promotional offers to contacts provided by the User, unless the User has agreed to accept such offers.
  7. The Service may transfer the personal data of a particular User to law enforcement agencies of the jurisdiction in which the Service is located, in case of receiving an official request from law enforcement agencies.
  8. Technical measures aimed at protecting the personal information of Users:
    • 8.1. The interaction of the User with the website of the Service takes place over a secure channel using the TLS protocol.
    • 8.2. The Service interacts with bank card payment processing services through a secure channel using the TLS protocol.
    • 8.2. The User cannot view personal data provided by other Users on the website of the Service. The User can view and change on the website of the Service only that personal information that the User has provided directly. Restriction of access to personal information is carried out through the account mechanism.
    • 8.3. The Service stores Users' personal data in a database closed from public access using a password authentication mechanism and a mechanism for accessing the database only from a permitted limited set of IP addresses.