TgScanRobot FAQ

Is TgScanRobot paid?


Is there a free version of TgScanRobot?


Is there a free trial or demo version of TgScanRobot?


Will TgScanRobot ever be free again?


Do I have to pay for the TgScanRobot?


If I add groups to the bot or give your proxy servers or some other goods, can I use TgscanRobot for free?


But I have no money

Then you can't use the TgScanRobot

The TgScanRobot does not work

It works. It just does not display information until you top up your credits balance on website

Why the TgScanRobot requests credits?

The bot became paid. Every request you send to robot must be paid with credits. You purchase a number of credits and then you can spent them on requests to TgScanRobot.

How can I purchase credits?
  1. Go to this page
  2. If it shows you Log In page then log in using your telegram account
  3. After successful log-in operation you'll be redirected to Buy Credits form.
  4. Specify number of tokens to buy and choose a payment method.
  5. After you submitted the form you'll be redirected to the Payment form. Provide your credit card details and answer 3d-security question.
  6. If the payment was successful you'll get credits on your balance and will be able to send queries to TgScanRobot
What is price for 1 credit?

The actual prices are described on page.

How many credits are consumed by one search operation in TgScanRobot?
  • Search result has no data: 0 credits
  • The basic profile info found, no groups found: 1 credit
  • The basic profile info found, at least 1 group found: 10 credits
What is minimal amount of credits to purchase.

The minimal amount of credits to purchase is 200 credits i.e. 2 USD.

Can I pay witch cryptocurrency?

You can create account in AdvCash service and top it up with cryptocurrency. Then you can pay TgScanRobot credits with AdvCash balance. See details at

Is there a free test of TgScanRobot?


How I can estimate the quality of search results if there is no free test?

You can send free search query to TgScanRobot and check number of groups it knows for the person you search. Based on number of groups you can decide do you want or not to purchase paid access to TgScanRobot. Warning: you can see only 1000 groups for any person, even if bot know more than 1000 groups about that person.

Why you made the bot paid?

I am looking into to do legit business and provide quality service. Both things require money and time spendings. In return for my services I do not expect you pay me time, but I expect you pay me money.

I have paid but I did not get credits on my balance.

That could happen because of failure in payment processing or because of you may have missed something. Please describe your situation to support service and it will resolve the issue:

How to use TgScanRobot?

Send @username or numeric Telegram ID of a person to the bot. The bot will return you a list of groups which this person is member of.

Also you can forward a message from that person to the bot. The forwarding method does not always work because a person might configure Telegram to not allow other people and services to extract person's ID from the message which he/she has written.

How many groups can I see for a person?

You can see up to 1000 groups for any person. Bot show upt to 1000 groups even it know more than 1000 groups about that person.