About Tag Channel Bot

Tag Channel Bot forward messages marked with specific tags from chat to channel. You can connect multiple channels to chat and configure each channel to collect messages with specific tags.


Step 1. Add @tagchannelbot as admin into your chatroom

Step 2. Give bot a permission to delete messages and write messages.

Step 3. Configure bot to forward messages with specific tags. See Channel Configuration.

Chat Commands

  • /tagchannel check - check if bot is installed correctly.
  • /tagchannel reload_admins - ask bot to reload admin IDs for current chat. Admins list is collected once and cached. Use this command to update cached data.
  • /tagchannel config - see bot configuration for current chat i.e. see which languages are blocked

  • /tagchannel pushtag TAGS - use this command in reply to message forwarded from channel. Source channel will be configured as recipient for messages from your chat marked with tags TAGS. TAGS value must be one or multiple tags separated by comm. Example: /tagchannel pushtag foo,bar

  • /tagchannel msg_type MSG_TYPE - use this command in reply to messages forwarded from channel. Source channel wil be configured as recipient for messages of certain types. Use "all" to enable all types of messages. By defaulit it is "all". You can use these messages types: "all", "text", "photo". Example: /tagchannel msg_type photo.

All these commands have to be entered in chatroom where @tagchannelbot is installed. Do not send these commands in private messages to @tagchannelbot.

Channel commands

  • /tagchannel install - ask bot to remember channel where you've installed it as admin

Channel Configuration

To configure new channel you have to:

  1. Add bot to channel as admin.

  2. Write command to channel: /tagchannel install - to let bot know it is added to new channel

  3. Forward any messages from channel to chat.

  4. In chat, reply to forwarded message with command: /tagchannel pushtag TAG Where TAG is one or more tags separated with comma.

  5. Optional step. If you want to forward to this channel messages of only specific types then reply to forwardedmessagewithcommand /tagchannel msg_type TYPE. Where TYPE is one or multiple valid messages types separated with comma

That's all! To see all configured channels use command /tagchannel config


How to check if bot installed correctly?

First, complete installation instructions. Then type into chat this command: /tagchannel check. Fix any issues bot talkes about.

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