About No Arab Bot

No Arab Bot removes arabic spam messages from your chat. Also it kicks users which usernames contain arabic characters. What is arabic messages? Any message that contains at least one symbol from arabic alphabet.


Step 1. Add @noarab_bot as admin into your chatroom

Step 2. Give bot a permission to delete messages and to ban users. No other permissions are required


  • /noarab check - check if bot is installed correctly.
  • /noarab reload_admins - ask bot to reload admin IDs for current chat. Admins list is collected once and cached. Use this command to update cached data.
  • /noarab config - see bot configuration for current chat
  • /noarab set notify_actions=yes - tell bot to log his actions into chat
  • /noarab set notify_actions=no - tell bot to remove messages silently

All these commands have to be entered in chatroom where @noarab_bot is installed. Do not send these commands in private messages to @noarab_bot.


What messages does bot delete?

Any message that contains at least one symbol from arabic alphabet.

How to check if bot installed correctly?

First, complete installation instructions. Then type into chat this command: /noarab check. Fix any issues bot talkes about.

How to check if bot counts message as spam or not

Just forward message to bot and it will say you is it arabic spam or not. If you think bot is incorrect. Then please submit bug report to support group.

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