FAQ About Payments with AdvCash

Why just do not accept direct crypto-payments?

My business entity is located in Russian jurisdiction. It is not allowed to accept crypto-currency as payment for goods/services in Russia

How payment with crypto via AdvCash is different from direct crypto-payment?

When you top up AdvCash balance with crypto it is converted into USD, Euro or Rubles. When you pay for TgScan with AdvCash you pay dollars or euro or rubles, you do not pay crypto. In such case I do not break any law.

Is verification required to top up AdvCash balance with crypto?

VERIFICATION IS NOT REQUIRED. If you asked to do verification then it means you simply trying to do something else, some other operation which needs more checks.

How to top up AdvCash balance with crypto?

  1. Create account if you do not have one already: wallet.advcash.com/register
  2. Log into account: wallet.advcash.com/login
  3. Go to Deposit Funds page: wallet.advcash.com/pages/deposit-funds
  4. In the form fill amount and currency fields.
  5. Scroll down the page to "E-currencies" section, find out the crypto-currency you want to pay with and click on "DEPOSIT" button

In AdvCash minimal deposit amount depends on payment methods, for example, for Bitcoin it is 0.0008 BTC (about 35 USD).