Payment Issues

My bank card transaction failed. Why?

The result of payment with bank cards depends on many things. It might be rejected by payment gateway's bank or by bank issued the card. If you can't pay with your card please try each of these steps in the order they go in the list:

  1. Pay with card using "In USD with cloudpayments" method
  2. Pay with Google/Apple Pay using "In USD with cloudpayments" method.
  3. Pay with card using "In Rubles with YooKassa" method.

What else payment methods are available?

Webmoney, YooMoney and QIWI. To pay with these instruments choose "In Rubles with YooKassa" method in payment form.

What if nothing works for me?

If you can't use any of payment methods supported by TgDev then you can't use TgScanRobot at current time. You need to wait till I implement new payment methods.