Comments About Payment Process in TgScan

Payment Methods Which Do Not Work

I guess you have already wondered why the payment process is so FUCKINGLY HARD? There are multiple reasons. Let me explain. First of all, I have to say, in this project my goal is to receive money in a fully legal way. And it is not easy in my jurisdiction, and also because it is my first project where I am operating as business entity.

Stripe and other popular payment gates.

I am Russian citizen and my business entity is located in Russian jurisdiction. A great number of foreign payments processors do not work with Russian business entities. Why do not I simply use stripe? Because Strip does not work with me! Same goes for any other popular payment solution you may heard about.


I can not accept payments in crypto-currency. Crypto-currency in Russian jurisdiction is not completely out of the law. Russian citizens are allowed to buy/sell crypto as investment, but they are not allowed to accept crypto as payment. What's why I can't accept neither direct crypto payments nor payment via payment gateways.

Bank cards

Till March 10, 2012 there was a pretty simple way to pay for TgScan using bank card. It does not work anymore. Since 10.03.20212 Visa and Mastercard is blocking all transactions to Russian banks from cards issues by foreign banks.