Mass Mod Bot

massmodbot telegram bot

This bot allows you to manage multiple groups as one item. Currently it support only setting a mute time. Mute time means the time when all messages from non-administrator users are automatically deleted. All you need is to create so called tag and assign it to each group you want to control. After that you can configure the mute time for that tag and this mute time will be automatically applied to each group which this tag is assigned to. Mute time applies only to a non-admin users. The bot does not delete any messages from admin-users. The list of administrators are received once and cached. If you add or remove administrator to/from you group you need to ask bot to reload list of admins with a command /massmod reload_admins.

Install the bot into a group

Follow these steps:

  • Add @massmodbot as admin into your chatroom
  • Give the bot a permission to delete messages

Group Commands

These command must be sent into a group where bot is installed

  • /massmod set_tag TAGNAME - assign a tag named TAGNAME to the group. Example of command: /massmod set_tag coronavirus-groups-us
  • /massmod clear_tag - unlink the group from any tag assigned to it
  • /massmod reload_admins - reload list of administrators. These data are cached. You might need to run this command if you add new administrator into a group and you want the bot to not delete messages from this new admin.
  • /massmod config - display the bot's settings for this group. In particular, that command display a massmodbot tag assigned to the group and a mute time configured for that tag.

Private Commands

These commands must be sent as direct message to the bot

  • /tags - list tags which you have created. Each list item includes details: the mute time configured for that tag.
  • /new_tag TAGNAME - create a new tag called "TAGNAME". For tag name you can use English letters, digits and hyphen symbol. Example: /new_tag virus-es
  • /edit_tag TAGNAME mute_time=TIME - configure a mute time TIME for tag named TAGNAME. To make this command work you have to create first a tag named TAGNAME with a /new_tag ... command. A mute time must be provided in a special format, see Mute Time Format section. Example of command: /edit_tag virus-ru mute_time=00:00/03:00/+3

Mute Time Format

To configure a tag with a mute time you have to provide a mute time formatted in a special way. Example: 00:00/03:00/+3. The time data contains three items delimited by slash symbol. In this example the first item is "00:00", it means start of mute times, hours and minutes. The second item means end of mute times, hours and minutes. The third item means a time zone offset of your group. Read wikipedia for more data about Time Zone thing. To find a time zone for your group use a google with a query "time zone GEO", where GEO is the name of country or city which you live/work in. Anyway, the fird item in a mute time format is a time zone offset in hours, you can specify there any natural number in a range from -23 to 23. OK, I did my best writing this text. If you do not get it, then maybe you should not use this bot lol.

Also note that mute time range might has a start that is greater than an end. For example, you want to mute a group for a time since 23pm to 6am. Then you configure some tag assigned to your group, say "virus-cn", with this command: /edit_tag virus-cn mute_time=23:00/06:00/+6. See? The start of mute time is greater than end of mute time. That is OK. I hope that'll help you to not get confused when you will configure the bot.